Jul. 25 — Aug. 1, 2021

Port Orford, Oregon

Applications open  January 1st, 2021!

Study and Experience Chamber Music on
the Oregon Coast!

Redfish Chamber Music Festival (named after the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve) is a week long music festival on the beautiful Oregon coast in Port Orford, Oregon. Daily schedule includes chamber music coaching in small groups, topic sessions for all students (for example: effective practicing, musician's body health, repertoire classes), private lessons, string orchestra and practice time. The program will culminate in a public concert.

Students will be housed with student counselors in motel rooms the Oregon coast. Lessons, coachings, meals and rehearsals will happen in the town of Port Orford.

Battle Rock Beach

After decades of teaching at summer festivals around the country, co-directors 

Hal Grossman and Fritz Gearhart designed their own.

The festival brings together a faculty of award winning teachers with years of experience inspiring young musicians. Carefully crafted, the schedule combines the best aspects of many different festivals around the country to provide the best learning experience for its participants. 


High school (age 14 and higher) and college students who play violin, viola and cello are eligible to participate in the Redfish Chamber Music Festival. Acceptance is based on space available as well as instrument and level required to form appropriate chamber groups out of the applicant pool. A maximum of 22 students will be accepted.

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