Jul. 25 — Aug. 1, 2021

Port Orford, Oregon

Applications open  January 1st, 2021!

About Port Orford

Port Orford Oregon is the oldest town on the Oregon coast, and the westernmost city in the continental United States. It can be reached by driving one hour south from Coos Bay, or driving one and a half hours north of Crescent City, California. Nearby airports are Coos Bay (North Bend, airport code OTH - one hour north) and Eugene (3 hours). Arrangements will be made with the Music Festival to shuttle students to and from either of these airports.

Port Orford is just a few miles south of the Cape Blanco lighthouse.

The festival will include a few outings to area sites, including Port Orford Head State Park.

Old Cedar on Port Orford Head.

One of the very popular local hangouts.

Port Orford has one of the oldest working docks on the Oregon Coast.

Sunsets on the beach area always amazing.

Historic Hughes House at Cape Blanco

Battle Rock Beach

More amazing views from Port Orford Head.

Port Orford and Garrison Lake.

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