Jul. 25 — Aug. 1, 2021

Port Orford, Oregon

Festival Sponsors:

We are so excited to announce that we have filed our articles of incorporation and had our first board meeting! Our bylaws have been approved and we are on our way to becoming a nonprofit. The final approval will make our status retroactive to the date of filing our articles of incorporation. We will keep you updated as we move forward with the process.

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Chamber Music on
the Southern Oregon Coast!

Redfish Chamber Music Festival (named after the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve) is a week long music festival on the beautiful southern Oregon coast in Port Orford, Oregon. The festival includes public concerts and an educational component for high school and college age students.

Battle Rock Beach

Our Nonprofit Status!

2021 Festival

We are so excited to have the inaugural year of the Redfish Chamber Music Festival! This summer we are starting small and will have a small student component but a full slate of public performances by both the students and our artist-faculty. Click on the Events link to see what we are doing!

Come join us at any of our events in Port Orford or Bandon!

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